Re: Grasshoppers
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 00:39:01 -0500 (EST)

Bill Bickel wrote:
<< My wife was recently told -- by somebody who claimed to know -- that
grasshoppers were kosher while similar insects are not. Can anybody
confirm and/or explain this?>>
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When I was studying Shechita, Rabbi Elbahar, the former chief Shochet of
Haifa taught me that there is a species of grasshopper that in fact is
kosher and has an identifying mark in the shape of a sideways kaf (or chet).

In our time and day the only Jews which still have the mesorah(oral
tradition) to eat this species of grasshopper are the Yemenites. In fact I
think it is a species of locust, since I recall that the last time there
was a locust swarm in Israel,the yemenites came out to identify and collect
the kosher species.