Acts of the Avot
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 21:59:32 -0500 (EST)

A question thats been bothering me lately. Maybe someone can shed some
Did the Avos know of the concept of "Maseh Avos Siman L'bonim" (the acts of
the fathers are "indicators" or signs for their children)?
I think I can prove from a Ramban that perhaps they didn't. The Ramban in
Parshas Chaye Sorah says that Lovon couldn't have possibly opened the muzzles
of the camels because surely Avrohom Ovinu's animals were trained at least as
well as R' Pinchus ben Yair's who wouldn't eat fruits that hadn't had Teruma
or Maaser taken from them. That being the case why would Avrohom muzzle his
animals - they wouldn't eat stolen fruit.
If the Avos knew "Maseh Avos Siman L'bonim" then maybe Avrohom only muzzled
his animals for us to learn that we shouldn't let our animals go unmuzzled?
I don't know if this is right....Does anyone have any Mareh Mekomos (sources)
that might help?
Thank you in advance...