Re: Women praying with a minyan

Nechama Cox (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 16:58:34 +0000

Nechama Cox Wrote:
>> Where do you go for Shabbos? How does the food get on the table there?
>> How do the dishes get back into the kitchen, and Friday night, cleaned so
>> they can be used for Shabbos lunch?
>> While it is forbidden to cook or do "work" on Shabbos, a woman has many
>> entertained. Shabbos is a day of rest, but when there are children and a
>> household to be maintained, there is no such thing as no "other things to
>> take care of"

Alana responded:
>Well, in my house, the answer to the above questions is "It depends upon
>which week it is." We alternate weeks for who does that work, as we've
>made a commitment to doing equal work. We both work and thus outside of
>the house already do about the same amount. In the house we're thus also
>determined to about the same amount, and we go to the synagogue together
>each week.

My post seems to have been misunderstood. I am not claiming that women
should not try to get to shul on Shabbos. My point was that there was no
such thing as "nothing else to do." When a woman, or a man, has a home and
family, there are obligations on Shabbos which must be met. This means that
the table has to be set, food has to be put out, the table must be cleared,
at an absolute minimum. My comments were about this, not about whether
women should go to shul on Shabbos.

Nechama Cox