Re: Women's Tefilah Groups

Frenkel (
Wed, 15 Jan 97 13:43 EST

Yaakov Menken wrote:
>Neither Rav Moshe nor (apparently) Rabbi Avraham Shapiro said that these
>groups are _inherently_ forbidden. But Adam does not explain whether Rabbi
>Shapiro would disagree with Rav Moshe's assessment of the women who
>actually participate as driven by improper motivations of feminism rather
>than the devotion to G-d of Judaism - and thus participating in a
>transgression themselves.

The "and thus participating in a transgression themselves" is going a bit
too far. It's rare when motivations should be thought of as
transgressions. Motivations are complex and I'm sure that for most it's a
blend of "devotion to (the) G-d of Judaism" and "motivations of feminism"
and many other issues. Lets also keep in mind the principle that Mitoch
Sh'lo Lisma Bo Lishma, which generally means that that when one does
something with the wrong motivations, there is the hope that the power of
the act itself will have a positive effect and bring the individual to the
proper motivation.

Gad Frenkel