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Moshe Zeldman" <> wrote:
<<2) The Gemara in Kiddushin that states where the middle letter of the
Torah *should* be, but wasn't even in their days...
I am aware of three approaches to these questions...>>

First of all, I want to thank Moshe Zeldman for his invaluable help in my
research on Torah codes. Because I am in charge of the only serious,
actively managed codes page, I'm always concerned about accuracy of
information and he's made sure that everything is ok. Kidushin 30a.

Secondly, it's the vav of Gachon, not Gichon and it is in Vayikra 11:42
(col holech al gachon...lo sochlum ci sheketz hem). But, the answer is the
same: the methodology of counting letters is different than the
'poshut'(simple) way that we normally think of.Note that Rav Yosef didn't
even bother to count the letters for he knew that since the methodology of
counting letters was unknown, it would be pointless to count in the regular
'obvious' way of counting letters. A peh has a beis inside if you look at
the ashuris script carefully, and an explanation for the 600,000 letters in
the Torah is that the spaces in between letters also form letters. Let's
take a look at the Chofetz Chaim's first introduction to Likutei Halachos:
"G-d wrote the chapters, verses, words and letters of the Written Torah
with a concise fit between the text and its intended meaning. There is not,
Heaven forbid, even a single letter which could be considered extraneous."
The Chofetx Chaim brought a Rashi (Shmos 32:16) which shows how we learn
something by the omission of one vav! Also see the introduction of the
Ramban to the Torah where he says that another reason why the Torah is
posul by a change by one letter (and a bracha on a posul sefer Torah is a
bracha levatala btw) is because one letter would destroy some of the divine
names that are encoded throughout the Torah. So, from the Torah viewpoint
the Torah isn't flawed (chas veshalom)

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