Re: Judaism and extra-terrestrial life

Elliott Brandwein (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 12:10:11 +0000

Akiva Miller <> wrote:
>Several people are asking if extra-terrestrials (if they exist) would
>have a Torah like ours. Let me remind everyone that until about 3309
>years ago, even Planet Earth did not "have a Torah like ours". Prior
>to that point one could argue that Earth either had no Torah at all,
>or a Torah which was in a different form. (Personally, I go with the
>"different form" idea.) Either way, what we had prior to Moshe could
>certainly be what they have now. And if the "different form" idea is
>true, then ET might even have a full-blown written Torah, but one as
>relevant to them as ours is to us. And just as holy. And just as true!

The universe was not created for any other creature besides
humans. It is as unthinkable that any alien life would have any more
of a Torah than a cow has on Earth. Nor would this alien have any
more Bechira (free will) or Neshama (soul) than an animal.

Elliott Brandwein