Re: Death of Sarah

Florence Amit (
Wed, 01 Jan 1997 01:28:56 +0200

Lori Palatnik wrote in the name of the Rebbetzin Leah Kohn about
the cause of Sarah's death:
<<She didn't die from anguish, it was from joy. She died because she knew
that if her husband and son were willing to do such an act (The Akeidah),
than her job was complete... Part of her greatness was making sure
that they also received greatness.>>

Andy Kohlenberg responded:
<< I think that this is a very important insight. The need to make Yitzchak
into a great man also explains why G-d commanded Avraham to sacrifice him...
Sara understood this. When she heard about the Akayda, she realized that her
life's aim of raising a child to be as great as his father had been

I really am puzzled why a more anthropologic approach to the Akeda does not
attract more religious people. I mean that by sacrificing a sheep in the
place of a valued human being the Jewish people then set a not to be
infringed upon precedent for all mankind to avoid human sacrifice. And later
there was no contradiction with the eseret hadebrot "Thou shalt not kill !"
I must say that the psychological attitude as described above is very
chilling and I cannot approve it.

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