Re: Limud Torah
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 23:45:58 -0500 (EST) wrote:
>Please lay out the argument why women are not allowed to study Torah?

That's a very interesting statement. The first question that should be
asked is, who said they can't? Every Day School here in Chicago teaches
the girls Torah. The women have to learn, otherwise how would any home be
kosher? They must know Halacha (Laws). In fact, the only heter
(permission) for eating at someone else's house is due to the fact that
there is a mashgiach (person who watches to insure the laws of kashrut are
being kept) in the kitchen; 99% of the time that mashgiach is the woman.
(Please, this is not a vote to keep women at home, just a reality). And
yes, a woman can be a mashgiach; it's a gemorah (Talmud) in Gittin, I
believe Daf 3 side 2 that says "One witness is believed for Issurin" ( a
classification of forbidden things)("Aid echud ne'emun b'issurin") Part of
this class is food - what's allowed and what isn't. Tosfos, one of the
commentaries there, says, a women is perfectly permissible for the job! My
point is, Women must learn Torah, unless people are translating the word
Torah differently.

Shaya Goldmeier