Re: Oil in Israel
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 08:02:04 -0500 (EST) (pat hoon) wrote:
> Listening to one of my favorite opera programs today I heard Andrew Litton's
> conducting the work - "Israelites Fleeing Egypt" I was on the computer so
> only half listening but I was struck by the commentator's remark after the
> work - "Why were the Israelites after all this lead to the only land that
> had no oil? This is important even today." My thought is that it is yet
> another test.

I just returned from a Rabbinic Mission to Israel. There I had the
opportunity to meet a fascinating man by the name of Shlomo Drori. He told
us that the Dead Sea will, in 6 years be able to make Israel totally
self-sufficient. It's resources will last (even without the proposed
channel from the Med, or Gulf of Aqaba) for 300 years.

I think that is the answer to your commentator.