Re: Judaism and extra-terrestrial life

jason (
Tue, 04 Feb 1997 14:48:11 -0500

Elliot Brandwein wrote:
>The universe was not created for any other creature besides
>humans. It is as unthinkable that any alien life would have any more
>of a Torah than a cow has on Earth. Nor would this alien have any
>more Bechira (free will) or Neshama (soul) than an animal.

I think what Elliot wrote is a selfish view of the universe.
Yes, we are special because G-d gave us the Torah, but that is because
we are the only species of our kind in this planet and possibly this
solar syatem. The torah was made to fit the needs of our people and to
show that we are different from the animals and plants. God never said
that we would rule the stars and planets, only our own planet. The
other sentient inhabitants of this galaxy or universe may or may not
have a Torah, but if they are at all like us, they have the same amount
of free will as we do, and as soul just as we have.