Re: Reward and Punishment Is It Justified??

Yehoshua Kahan (
Fri, 07 Feb 1997 17:23:09 EST

Mr. Bernard Laufer wrote:
>E dies and he says to Hashem (G-d) that he doesn't deserve any
>punishment in the World to Come for his evil deeds because He gave
>him an inferior soul, and if he was given a soul identical to G then
>he would not have become an evil person.

Why not just say that both E and G had free will, and one
chose to do bad, as one chose to do good, vis-a-vis Rabbi Dessler's
bechira point? Therefore, since one chose to degrade himself, and one
chose to elevate himself, it's only natural that one must now suffer the
suffering necessary to cleanse himself of his self-inflicted degradation,
while the other can now enjoy the extra closeness to Hashem resulting
from his self-achieved elevation.

Yehoshua Kahan