Re: "The World to Come"

Yehoshua Kahan (
Fri, 07 Feb 1997 17:23:09 EST

Shoshana Lebovic <103245.2551@CompuServe.COM> wrote:
>I was just wondering, if the concept of Olam Habah ( The World to Come) is
so >central in Judaism, why is there no mention of it at all in the Torah?????

I have heard that Hashem does not explicitly mention Olam Haba in
the Torah because there is no way to check it. That is, when He tells us
that if we sin, we will suffer here, and if we do mitzvos, we will
prosper, we can see this happening with our own eyes. We can *see* the
drought or the prosperity, the children growing up healthy and strong, or
G-d forbid, the opposite. However, if He were to tell us all about
earning reward in a future world...well, we can take that on faith, but
there's no way to see that with our own eyes, to know it, as we are
required to know in Dvarim 4:10, "And make them known to your children
and your children's children..." For the same reason, the various false
religions go on and on about the future world, because their followers do
have to take them on faith, and cannot check themselves, and do not
discuss reward and punishment in this world.

Yehoshua Kahan