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In Torah forum V3 # 20 Moshe Gluck wrote:
>>After a lengthy discussion if Issac would theoretically have been
>>obligated to recite the Blessing of "Hagomel" (Thanksgiving to
>>Hashem)according to Halacha (Jewish law) after he was set free from the
>>Akeida (along with Abraham after he emerged alive from the burning
>>furnace; Noach after surviving the Mabul-flood etc.), It is concluded
>>with a probability that Issac would indeed be exempt from reciting the

It is an interesting discussion indeed regarding the obligation of Issac
to recite the Hagomel (Thanksgiving) according to Jewish law. Accordingly
it would make sense to exempt him as per the quote given.

I would like to add another thought that I think would be a valid reason
according to Halacha (Jewish law) to exempt Issac from reciting

We find in Shulchan Aruch Chapter 119- The Magen Avrohom exempts the minor
from reciting the Hagomel, his reasoning being since the text of the Brocha
(Blessing) includes the phrase "Hagomel L'chayovim"- meaning: The Almighty
has benefited the guilty; inasmuch as the minor is not suitable to be
rendered as a "guilty" individual, whereas he is not obligated to do
Mitzvahs as of yet, it is therefore not appropriate that he recite the

The term "Chayavim (Guilty)", as pertaining to the situation, is explained
in Responsa Avnei Nezer chapter 39: A situation rendering him pertinent to
recite the Blessing of Hagomel is generally a consequence from being in a
dangerous situation and later saved. He is therefore regarded as a guilty
individual for our sages have taught us not to put ourselves in jeopardy.
We therefore recite the blessing of "Hagomel L' chayovim Tovos"- meaning:
The Almighty has benefited the guilty one.

Accordingly it is to my understanding that Issac would indeed be exempt
from reciting the Hagomel for it is inappropriate to state that he was
guilty for placing himself in a hazardous situation being that he was
merely obeying the command of the Almighty. His case would therefore be
similar to the minor who is not able to recite to Hagomel for the term
"Chayovim" (guilty) does not apply to him.

Where can I obtain the sefer Lehodos U'lehalel?

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