Something to Think About
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 18:01:56 -0500

The following item is taken from the Arutz-7 Israeli News Service of Feb
16. The interview with the fallen soldier's father should be a humbling
source of inspiration to us all.
David Hojda

The Ivri Commission, charged with investigating the circumstances of the
helicopter crash in which 73 IDF soldiers were killed, published its
intermediary findings on Friday. The commission ruled out the bad weather,
as well as a minor health problem of one of the pilots, as causes for the
collision. However, it pointed out that seemingly contradictory orders were
given, leading to some uncertainty as to whether the two helicopters were
flying separately or together. The report stated that although there are
times when it is advantageous for aircraft to fly together, in normal
conditions it is logical to assume that aircraft are safer flying at some
distance from each other. Other points were raised, while others were left
for further investigation. The final findings are due to be submitted in
another month.

Arutz-7 spoke with Rabbi Gad Levy, who lost his son in the crash, after he
received a copy of the findings. He said, "The investigation is very
important in order to attempt to prevent similar tragedies. However, for
me, from a personal point of view, it is not very significant. I have no
interest in looking to blame anyone; this must be left up to objective
observers. For me, personally, blaming someone will not help me, it will
not build me. I feel that what is required of me is to involve myself in
building - building my family, helping others, trying to improve something
in this world. I think that this is the best thing that I can do in the
memory of my son."

Concerning the public investigation, Rabbi Levy said, "I think that this is
not only a personal tragedy for certain families, but also for the entire
nation. I think a spiritual investigation, an investigation of values,
should also be made as a result of this tragedy.

It's easier for the media to deal with the physical investigation, but I
think that we are avoiding other important issues, such as our
interpersonal relations and the like. With a calamity of such proportions,
I believe that G-d wants to signal something, and first of all in the
sphere of unity and the way we relate to each other."