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Micha Males (
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 15:29:16 +0200

Tom RuBane wrote:
> I was just reading an article on the Jews for Judaism page that addresses
> the Christian idea that Jesus was a literal sacrifice on behalf of
> mankind. In refuting the idea, the article listed several reasons why this
> could not be true, including that the sacrifice wasn't performed by a
> Kohen, that it was not performed on the alter of the Temple, etc.. But it
> doesn't mention that the sacrifice would be invalidated because Jesus was
> a man. I assume, though, that human sacrifice would never have been
> accepted in the Temple? The reason I ask is that, in the article, it is an
> interesting omission.

Just this past week, I saw something which might interest Tom.
In the week's Torah portion, G-d says about the Mishkan( Tabernacle)
"V'neekdash Bichvodi", I will be made holy in my honor (loosely
translated). The Talmud says to read it that "I will be made holy through
my honored ones" referring to Aaron's 2 son's who were killed. Their death
was part of the dedication of the Mishkan. The commentary, Torah Temmimah
asks "Does G-d need blood"? (Sounds similar?) He says obviously not. The
point was that once people thought they had a mishkon to atone for their
sins, they didn't need to be careful. The lesson learned was that even these
2 holy people died because they weren't careful. This means that even with
a mishkon, every individual is responsable for their actions. It should be
noted that this is dyametrically opposed to Christianity. There, 'J' died &
attoned for everyone's sins & now as long as people believe, they're
absolved. Here the lesson is that you better be careful what you do!
Anyway, the reason why I mention this whole business is that the idea of
"sacrificing a man" might not be such an issue in and of itself. Of course
there's the other issue that no man was ever sacrificed in a Jewish
religious service. Either way, that might be why it's not there.

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