Nusah Ari

Michael Benstock (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 17:55:09 +1000

[If some readers don't understand this, not to worry. There are slightly
different orders of prayer according to different groups (Ashkenazim,
Chassidim, Sephardim, etc.). Each is called a "nusach," and this question
concerns one of them. -- YM]

I wonder if any experts on the Ari's nusah of prayer can enlighten me as to
the vocalistation of the words "liz'man" in the birkat z'man (blessing for
a joyful moment) and "biz'man" in the birkat hannisim (blessing for
miracles). Both forms seem to be grammatically incorrect and do not seem to
be based on any Ashkenazi or Sephardi siddur. The version in other siddurim
has the demonstrative adjective agreeing correctly with the definite noun.

I sure hope that a grammarian or an expert in siddur can solve this one. I
have asked many people who use this nusah here in Sydney but they are
unable to help.

Many thanks

Michael Benstock