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Micha Males (
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 13:44:39 +0200

Sonia Bloomfield Ramagem wrote:
> >>How are animals souls dealt with in Judaism?

> Yehoshua Kahan responds:
> >While I know nothing of the Kabbalah, I do know that in Tractate
> >Brochos (blessings), we are taught that animals do have souls, and the
> >proof is that they have emotions. ...

Although I'm far from an expert on the great doghouse in the sky, I'd like
to add one thought. (I don't have a Chumash handy here near my computer, so
sources will be roughly quoted.) In Sefer Shemos [the Book of Exodus], we are
commanded to give all nevailah (not ritually slaughtered) meat to dogs.
Why? Because they kept quiet when the Jewish people left Egypt & the malach
hamoves (angel of death) was around smiting the 1st born Egyptians. I
recall looking in the commentary of the Torah Temimah there. He is shocked
that the Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim said that animals don't get reward. Here
in the pasuk, it openly says that they do! His answer is that the Rambam
must be talking about 'Schar Nitzchi' - eternal reward. In other words - He
says that there is no such thing as that great doghouse in the sky. Sorry.
However, that does leave open (from many other sources) the possibility of
reward to animals in this world.

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