Sacred Space

Howard Entin-Tobenfeld (
Fri, 7 Mar 97 03:09:25 -0800

I believe, as I'm sure most members of Torah Forum do, that the Bimah is
Jewish sacred space. To me, this clearly means that non-Jews may not go up on
the Bimah, especially during a worship service. I have been asked to defend
this position, and am hoping that someone might provide some Text references
which are directly on point about non-Jews and the Bimah. I am familiar, for
example, with R. Yohanan's comment in the Jerusalem Talmud, Berachot 5, 1,
version of Yalkut Shim'oni, Psalms 659, but was hoping for something even more
specific. Any help would be most appreciated.

Paula Tobenfeld