Re: Parah Adumah (the red cow)
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 22:16:19 -0500 (EST) (Russell Hendel) wrote:
>2) If Parah Adumah ( the Red Cow)has a reason why is it called a Chok
which is
>erroneously translated as "without reason"? Actually, "Chok" simply means
>"deep reason". Let me give an analogy: "Don't play in the snow without a
>coat" has a transparent reason (since I will probably get sick immediately)
>while "Don't eat salt because you might get high blood pressure" has a
>"deep reason" (ie. its consequences are not immediate but DO come).

Regarding definition of Chok as 'deep reason,' it is interesting that chok
also is the root of the word chakikah, carving or engraving, so it could
suggest the meaning that's beneath the surface.

Yehudis Fishman,
Santa Fe, NM