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Sun, 4 May 1997 22:13:31 -0400 (EDT)

In v3n38, Len Mansky comments:
> This only deepens the mystery. * Why* did the constructors of the Second
> Temple not follow Yechezkel's plan? Technical reasons? Does Chazal say? If
> we were to build a Third Temple soon, im yirtza Hashem (Gd willing),
> would we use Yechezkel's plan?

Perhaps the Men of the Great Assembly (Anshei K'neses HaGdolah) knew that
their Temple could not be the final one, since there was no annointed
king (Moshiach), and the ark of the covenant (aron) was not found.

Yes, commentaries seem to assume that Yechezkel's vision was that of the
Final Temple. Or perhaps, it was a vision of the heavenly Temple, but
both the prophetic vision and the final Temple, being physical projections
of the same thing, would be identical anyway.

The real problem would be understanding how to create a floorplan out of
Yechezkel's text. Words are not the ideal medium for describing a building.
(A picture is worth far more than 1000 words, in this case.) We might need
the services of Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah the Prophet) to figure out what to

Bar Kochva, who was thought to be Moshiach, minted coins whose face showed
the front of the Temple, and the obverse was a lulav and esrog. The
entrance of the Temple on this coin didn't match the First or Second
Temples', but could be that of Yechezkel. This would imply that Rabbi Akiva,
Bar Kochva's religious leadership, assumed Yechezkel's Temple was messianic.

(Off topic: the coins minted during the revolt that lead to the fall of
Jerusalem also showed a lulav and esrog, but these had multiple hadasim
and aravos tied to the lulav. Bar Kochva's coins only had one hadas and
one aravah. This is in accordance with his Rebbe, R Akivah, who only requires
one of each (see Succah 34b).)

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