Re: Cloning and Halacha

Sirote (
Sun, 04 May 1997 22:49:58 -0700

friedmaa@VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU wrote:
> Personally, I also find human cloning terrifying. It seems to me that it
> has the potential for evil as well as good, and without proper
> restrictions on who may have access to the information, there is no
> telling what might occur. The benefits, i.e. gene therapy as well as
> thousands of Hitlers keep running through my mind.

I am the mother of identical twin boys. As identical twins, they are
genetic clones of each other. However, they are NOT the same person.
They do NOT think exactly alike, or do things exactly alike. As a
matter of fact, they have quite distinct personalities, and have been
noticeably different in character since birth. So cloning does not
bother me at all. If two children who are clones growing up in the same
environment are as different as my sons, then so much more so if the
second child is a generation or so younger. All the fears of cloning
Hitler, and all the hopes of cloning Michael Jordan are equally
unfounded. (The Michael Jordan clone would probably just choose to play
baseball :) )

Let's just put it this way - clones may have the same body, but they
have different souls.