Re: Torah And Science
Sun, 11 May 1997 03:32:31 +0000

Michael Tsirkin wrote:
> I have been reading the thread for some time now: should and can
> Torah & Science be reconciled or not? I think that the lectures on
> "Torah and quantum mechanics", "Torah and evolution" etc of which
> I've heard some, and some very convincing, can cause more harm than
> good. I think I remember someone formulating the same ideas on this
> forum, sorry I am not original, but anyway I think it needs some
> support. Here's why:
> 1. Science is in no position to criticise/argue with Torah, thus
> obviously any "reconciliation" of these two is an attempt to prove
> science is correct by showing it does not contradict Torah.

To save space I am not going to quote the entire post. I agree with
much of what Michael said and will add a few points. Not only is
science in no position to argue with the Torah, I also feel that
since it is not one of the legitimate Torah ways of interpretation,
any so-called 'scientific' commentary of the Torah is most likely
problematic even if the science facts look very close to what the
Torah actually says. Simply put, we should learn how our great rabbis
interpreted the Rambam and Rashi-not a physicist with his
theories on the big bang or some of the books based on 'code
discoveries' that some people with their fancy computers have
recently put out.

However, it is important for those who are perhaps a bit
over-impressed by what is 'scientific' or what scientists are saying
to realize that they can't rely on science to give them support for
their belief that the Torah has no validity (G-d forbid). This in
fact is the purpose of the Torah Codes page-to show that the most
rigorous scientific analysis is more consistent with a Torah-true
understanding of the nature of the Torah than the so-called academic
scholarly view which holds that the Torah is just like any other
book. These scholars as well as other scientists will just have to
realize that the science which they have relied on for so many years
to deny the Torah is now coming to show the exact opposite.

Ari Haviv