Re: Cloning and Halacha

Tsirkin Michael (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 15:18:05 +0300 (IDT)

There was all this talk about clones: for some reason it appears everyone
is interested in human clones most of all - as I understand something which
is not yet proved possible.

On the other hand here in Israel there was another sensation of Para Aduma
(red heifer) : it was born in one of the Kibbuzim and found kosher so far -
of course it can't be used now, so if Moshiah( Messiah) comes today he'll
have to find another para aduma. But anyway, para aduma is a rare
phenomenon and once moshiah comes it will be of a great use.

I heard some rabbanim that they do not exclude the possibility that it is a
sign of the moshiah coming (also it is sad because it seemingly puts the
temple two years in the future), of course we have to pray and do teshuva
and not put our hopes on the red heifers but on the KB"H, but what I mean
is that it is amazing how he prepared it just now when the salvation is
coming soon.

Well, I think you see where I am leading: in this light we see that there
is even stranger thing here: not only para aduma appears , but the cloning
makes (I think) it possible to create as many parot adumot as we want.

But the question is: am I right? 1) Can cows be cloned : I heard the
successful experiment was done on sheep?

2) Is a cloned para aduma kosher for tahara of tamei met ? I do not see why

3) If 2) is positive, shouldn't it be clone ASAP before anything happens to

4) But note that there's another bright side: if it is rendered unkosher
for example by putting a yoke on it it can be then cloned still : we won't
lose this unique gene combination ever.

Hope you find this amusing,