Re: Animal Sacrifices

crmhc (
Fri, 23 May 1997 08:26:55 -0500

Lori Palatnik wrote:
>I have a few students who are disturbed about Temple sacrifices
>(animals, not grain). One claims it was to give expression to primitive
>practices that we picked up in Egypt (G-d getting it out of our system,
>so-to-speak). He gives evidence regarding the Golden Calf-- how quick
>the Jewish people were to build an animal idol. He also makes a point
>(which I see as valid) that if we were to have sacrifices today to atone
>for our mistakes, we would show up, give our animal, and it would mean
>nothing more than dropping a few coins in a box. If everyone was doing
>it, it would become routine. Others are overwhelmed and turned-off by
>the blood and gore of it all. Does anyone have ideas to offer to them?

Korban (sacrifice) is commanded by Hashem (G-d). When the Third Temple is
rebuilt and Moshiach (the Messiah) comes it will not be like dropping coins
in a box. The whole world will know HaShem and many will come to perform
the mitzvah. The Korban is not just charity, it is dedicating the best and
finest of our labors to G-d as he commanded. This will not guarantee
remission of your sins but it becomes obeying our Creator and his

Arnold Wolf
Houston, Texas