Re: Adoption

Percy Mett (
Wed, 28 May 1997 13:58:01 +0000

Rachel wrote:
>I remember when I adopted my children some one told me a sweet story which
>I've never forgotten. It goes something like this: When Hashem offered
>the Torah to all the different nations before offering it to the 'Jewish'
>people, there were some people in each nation who wanted to accept it,
>however they were in the minority.These are the children who come up for
>adoption sort of like a second opportunity to be Jewish. Nice. I smile
when I >look at my kids and think of them.

This story is usually attributed to Graf Potocki (Count Pototski) who
converted to Judaism in Eastern Europe (when such conversion was illegal)
some two hundred years ago. It has been published in biography Avrohom ben
Avrohom. When he was asked why he endured such suffering and hardship to be
a Jew when he could have lived as a nobleman he gave the answer quoted above.

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