Re: Covering Hair
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 19:25:35 -0400 (EDT) wrote:
>What is the reason for women to cover their hair according to Jewish law?

I know of two reasons why married women should cover their hair, but neither
are Halachic. In the part of the Torah discussing a Sotah (suspected
adulteress) the Torah says that the Kohen Gadol "loosens" the womans hair and
parades her in the street like that to shame her. This shows that it is
shameful for a married woman to have her hair uncovered. I also heard from
one of the Rebbaim in my Yeshiva that there's a deeper spiritual aspect to
it. Just like a Nazirite shaves his head after his oath is completed to show
he's almost spiritually new, and like a person just cured of Tzara'as also
shaves his head to show his spiritual "rebirth", a woman must also do
something similar to her hair when she spiritually re-starts her life as a
married woman. Since G-d would never ask all of his "daughters" to shave all
their hair off, they just have to cover it.

Yoni B.