Re: Ben Sira quote

Robert Klein (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 19:56:08 +0300 (IDT)

Helene Ellis asks:
>Could you please help unscramble the following quote attributed to the
>Apocrypha, Ben Sira 40.20? "heart, better both...of wine...rejoice and
>song...but affection is than lovers."

The original Hebrew is:

"Yayin v'sheichar ya'alitzu lev, u'mi'shneihem ahavat dodim."

My translation is:

"Wine and beer make the heart merry, and through both of them comes romantic

Not a terribly cryptic quote, to say the least. I'm interested in knowing
where the confusing translation was taken from. It almost looks like an
unfinished acrostic or some such puzzle.

Robert Klein