Re: Competition in the Torah

David Rockove (
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 20:36:00 EDT

Joe Betesh wrote:
>Hi, I am wondering what is the Torah stance on competition. I'd like
>to know what it says in the torah on this subject. I also would like to
>know how the Torah talks about business in general. This to me is a
>fascinating subject which the high school I went to never discussed in
>relation to the Torah viewpoint.

The Torah is very much in favor of 'Fair' competition. The Gemara in Baba
Matzia talks about whether a store keeper can give free candy to children
because this may give that store an unfair advantage.

As far as business in general, the torah is very involved. An interesting
observation I saw is that there are 613 mitzvos in the torah with well over
100 related to business and economics, while only 24 deal with kashrus.
There are many volumes of the gemara(talmud) and Shulchan Orach(Code of
Jewish Law) dealing just with business.

You are correct this is a fascinating topic, I would recommend you look at
the book 'With All Your Possessions' by Meir Tamari published by The Free
Press,1987 for a better introduction of this whole topic.

Good Luck.

Dovid Rockove