Re: The Bedtime Shema

jacobf (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 00:34:56 -0700 (PDT)

Mark Duman wrote:
>>We have four angels on the compass points and Hashem above protecting us
>>(stated among the verses following the Bedtime Shema) - what (in a spiritual
>>realm) protects us from beneath ? Especially as I'm still convinced
>>something hides under my bed !!!

Ben Granat replied:
>I heard from Rabbi Avrohom Garden, that the whole thing of this possuk is
>to protect us from all manner of dangers, if something is under your bed,
>then it follows that the snake will have to come from under the bed and
>over the side from one of the four directions, at that point one of the
>malochim can take effect and protect us.

This is nothing more than personal interpretation, but have you noticed
the similarity with the first chapter of Ezechiel? It is an awesome
vision, and if you just think of yourself as enraptured in that vision you
might no longer be afraid of anything from anywhere. Four unwavering
angels (of course, I think they are different types) and above the Most
Awesome! What evil could approach you from below when to do so would be to
move toward Hashem above?

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