Re: Adoption
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 20:22:30 -0400 (EDT)

There has been some discussion of 'yichud' (seclusion with people
prohibited to you sexually), in relation to adopted children. I am an
itinerant teacher for deaf and hard-of-hearing students -- preschool
through high school. I work with students on a pull-out basis, since the
regular students don't need help with language development, auditory
training or lipreading skills. Since this is a low incidence population,
it is rare to find more than one student at any given elementary school.
Even if there are two or three hard-of-hearing children at a school the
probability that they are at the same level is very low. Space to work with
a student is always a problem. Sometimes I am able to borrow the speech
therapy room or the psychologist's room. Most of these rooms have windows
to the outside or at least to another room or hallway. Background noise
from other rooms, playground, etc. usually means that the door must be kept
closed to give the student a quiet environment for listening. (Hearing
aids amplify all sounds.) I would appreciate any guidance on this matter in
terms of the laws of Yichud.

Thank you,

Don Belding (Yucaipa Calif.)