Re: 613 Mitzvos

Daniel Malament (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 02:33:26 -0400 (EDT) wrote:
<< My question is : what's the difference? What is the motivation for all
this work to determine which mitzvot should and which should not be
included in the 613 count? If the number 613 is just a tradition of no
special importance, why count the mitzvot to come exactly to this number?
There are different methodologies in the counting of mitzvot. For example,
only the first mention of the mitzva in Torah counts. Again,why? Note that
this is not just a question of which mitzvot are derabanan(rabbinical) and
which deoraitha (Biblical): pages of text are devoted specifically to the
matter of counting. >>

Well, I was going to say that one major result is which mitzvot are
derabanan (Rabbinical) and which are deoraita (Torah-mandated), but... the
only other thing that comes to mind is that there are detailed Kabbalistic
traditions regarding the 613 mitzvot corresponding to parts of the body and
to the metaphorical "body parts" of Zer Anpin. So perhaps that is one