Re: Divorce

Lili Pauli (
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 22:08:13 +0300

Jim Wise askes:
> I have a question. What does Jewish law say about divorce?

Marriage in Hebrew is called "Kiddushim" - coming from the word for
holyness. Marriage is therefore looked upon as a good and holy institution.
Divorce is not a good thing for a healthy Jewish marriage or family life.
But just like a person's health can be endangered by gangrene or cancer and
parts of the body have to be cut off or the disease cut out so must a
divorce surgically end a disasterous marriage. If the husband is a wife
beater, child abuser or the wife having an affair (s) with another (s), One
mate a drunk or drug user - one mate endangering the life (physically or
religiously) of the other spouse or children - what is the sense in
continuing with the marriage?

Be well,
Richard (Rachamim) Pauli