Help me find the perfect quotes and stories!

Beth Greenapple (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 22:23:48 -0400

For an educational project, I am seeking and collecting juicy quotes and
bite-size midrashim that speak Jewishly to the following activities. The
purpose of the quotes is to help JCC members and visitors to make a
connection between Torah and the activities that take place in the JCC.
The quotes need to be affirmative and upbeat in tone. Please
help me by e-mailing me your favorites. Thanks.
The topics are:

1. Leading members of a community
2. Using wisely/stewarding community resources
3. Facilitating membership of individuals in and/or joining a community
4. Creating and/or viewing art
5. Commemorating and/or recording history
6. Acting and/or theater-going
7. Caring for young children and/or people with special needs
8. Teaching and/or learning
9. Learning the history and culture of Judaism
10. Working at maintaining good health
11. Swimming
12. Exercising
13. Walking and/or running
14. Playing/spending time outdoors
15. Listening to experts/authorities
16. Socializing with peers
17. Learning leadership skills
18. Writing and/or reading books
19. Learning throughout life
20. Collecting and providing information resources for the use of the
21. Learning through hands-on experience (doing)
22. Commemorating heroes
23. Challenging and testing our abilities (physical and or mental)
24. Expressing ourselves through visual arts
25. Expressing ourselves through movement and/or dance
26. Crafting with clay
27. Competing (in sports)
28. Greeting, welcoming, and/or hosting visitors
29. Eating kosher food
30. Enjoying food
31. Socializing around meals and food
32. Caring for our land and buildings
33. Using print to communicate
35. Selling/buying and/or using ritual and cultural objects and symbols
36. Soliciting and/or giving funds to good causes

Thank you!