Re: Yichud (seclusion with one sexually prohibited to you)

Lili Pauli (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 18:28:15 +0300

Don Belding wrote:
<< Space to work with a student is always a problem. Sometimes I am able to
borrow the speech therapy room or the psychologist's room. Most of these
rooms have windows to the outside or at least to another room or hallway.
Background noise from other rooms, playground, etc. usually means that the
door must be kept closed to give the student a quiet environment for
listening. (Hearing aids amplify all sounds.) I would appreciate any
guidance on this matter in terms of the laws of Yichud.>>

I am not a Halachic authority, but I believe that since the door is closed
but not locked ie, the school secretary, teacher, psychologist, principal,
etc. can walk in, and there are open windows it is permissible. This is
based on a P'sak (halachic ruling) which my batchelor friend received from
the Late Bostoner Rebbe R' Moshe Horowitz of blessed memory that since his
car had windows, it was permissible to be with a female date even at night
and it would not constitute Yichud - based on the fact that he would be on
public roads or streets and not parked in an Orchard or some lonely dirt road.

Be well,
Richard (Rachamim) Pauli