Re: Divorce
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 13:49:25 EDT

Rachamim Pauli wrote:
>If the husband is a wife beater, child abuser or the wife having an affair
>(s) with another (s), One mate a drunk or drug user - one mate endangering
>the life (physically or religiously) of the other spouse or children -
>what is the sense in continuing with the marriage?

I feel that Rachamim may be leaving the reader with the impression that
the Torah only sanctions divorce in very dire circumstances. While it is
true that Judaism does not encourage divorce, the truth is that according
to the gemara a man has the right to divorce his wife even for frivolous
reasons (following the ruling of Beis Hillel in the last mishna in Gittin).

Kol tuv,
Elozor Preil