Jessie and Bill (
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 09:40:10 -0700 wrote:
>i wanted to know various reasons why people choose to be religious. i know
>that it's commanded, but bottom line it is your choice. i know there are
>issues of yirah (fear) and ahava (love) and i wanted to kind of take some
>sort of census of the overwhelming reason. thanks. please e mail me
>directly at

I am "Jewish By Choice". The reason? Throughout my life if I cease to
seek a spiritual life, it is the same as when I eat only sugar for a few
weeks. I become "sick". I don't feel any joy in my life. I can find
short bouts of happiness, but even minor set backs affect me in a major way.

When I read the Torah or commentaries by the Fathers, I am refreshed, I
feel good, even major setbacks affect me only momentarily.

I do know people who do not feel the need for a spiritual life. I don't
know why they don't have the need. I only know I do.