Re: Black Hats

David Rockove (
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 11:26:35 -0400 wrote:
>can someone please explain to me the issue of men wearing a black hat. is it
>a halacha, is it only custom to associate oneself with a certain group?

This discussion regarding the color of black and what it means is
fascinating. While there are very valid reasons why it started I would like
to make one observation. I once heard in the name of a prominent Rosh
Hayeshiva of a past generation that a 'priest also wears black'. What this
means is that if one wears black because it helps remind us of the
destroyed temple, or helps us increase our humility, then this is fine. But
if one wears black to 'look frum(orthodox), then let's remember the priest
also wears black, the color is not what makes us religious.

Dovid Rockove