Re: Are turkeys kosher?

Binyamin Dissen (
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 02:09:36 GMT

Aharon Wexler wrote:
>> How do we know that Turkeys are kosher animals and permissible to eat?

Micha Males responded:
>Good question. Truth is that although most Orthodox Jews eat turkey - as it
>has the requirements to be a kosher bird - there are those who don't eat
>it. Reason being that it's not mentioned in the Torah & we don't have a
>mesorah (tradition) to eat it.

I think it should be noted that unlike the animals and fish, where attributes
of kashrut are specified, in the case of birds only the non-kosher birds are
specified (which implies that the majority of birds are kosher).

Thus, not being mentioned in the Torah means the bird is kosher. The problem
is that we don't know what each of the (non-Kosher) birds specified in
Leviticus 11:13-19 are. We therefore eat only those birds that we have a
tradition of being kosher.

Micha Males continues:
>I have a close relative who lets his family eat it, as he won't impose his
own >chumra (stringency) on them. However, he himself won't touch it. Bon

What does he do about the dishes?
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