Are turkeys kosher?
Fri, 4 Jul 1997 13:10:38 -0400 (EDT)

In Torah Forum 3:46 Eli Turkel writes:
<< More fundamentally, it is not that simple. Ashkenazi Jewry does not eat
grasshoppers that Yemenite Jewry considers kosher. Though they can rely on
their traditions others cannot >>

I do not believe that this is correct. If a "kosher" aid echad (legally
acceptable witness) sfaradi (from [Spanish or] middle eastern descent)
informs me that he or she knows that this locust or grasshopper is kosher I
have every right to accept that testimony according to Jewish law. Once I
am taught to discern the kosher species I, now, have every right to go and
teach it to others. I do not believe that there is any disagreement on this

This is very different from the turkey which everyone agrees is indigenous
to the Americas.

Yitzchok D. Frankel
Long Beach, NY