Cooking on Shabbos

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Mon, 23 Jun 1997 22:30:37 -0400

Ezriel Yellin wrote in TF 3:44

>Marsha Cohen wrote in the Bais-medrash digest:
>>...But I am curious as to why, if it is not okay to cook an egg in the sun
>>(i.e. you aren't turning the sun on and off, just utilizing its heat that
it >emits anyway), it is permitted to make cholent.
>Jewish law forbids cooking of *any* kind on shabbos, be it on an open fire,
>an oven, a radiator, the sun...

Cooking by direct sunlight is *permitted* on Shabbos. Cooking by indirect
sunlight, i.e. in hot water heated by the sun, is forbidden. See Shulchan
Aruch Orach Chaim Chapter 318:4

In fact the example given there of a permissible form of solar cooking is
in fact Marsha's case of cooking an egg in the sun!

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