Re: Are turkeys kosher?
sun, 06 jul 97 04:11:52 gmt

Eliezer Gamerman wrote:
<< Unlike for mammals, the torah gives not list of simanim ("signs") for
what constitutes a kosher bird, rather, we have a list of non-kosher birds,
many of which we no longer know the identities. The oral law, however,
discusses characterstics of all the non-kosher birds (or maybe it was the
kosher ones), listing three characteristics as i recall.>>

I heard once that one of the three characteristics of a kosher bird was
something to do with the toes, but I cannot recall, if it was two toes
forward and one toe behind when gripping a perch, or the other way around.

I also heard that the kosher bird must have a 'crop' the equivalent in a
bird to the 'cud'.

I do not remember what the third characteristic is. I seem to remember
something about it not being a bird of prey. However, my teenage daughter
pointed out something interesting to me and I wondered if it might have any
bearing on the case.

All creatures which have eyes which look to the front, are hunters, and all
creatures which have eyes which look to the sides are not. of course there
are some creatures which are not hunters such as rabbits which have eyes
which look to the sides, but which are not kosher, so clearly this could
not indicate whether a creature 'was' kosher, only if it is 'not' kosher,
ie., if its eyes looked forward. Any comments please?