Education and Pikuach Nefesh(saving lives)

amit-1 (
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 14:21:37 +0300

I am sure that the concern of Orthodox Jews everywhere is to raise a new
generation of good and observant youth with as little diversion as
possible. Yet how surprised I was to discover that school age orthodox
children living at a reasonable distance from the Modim Settlements
including Kiriat Safer do not attend schools in that relatively secure area
and instead are obliged to traverse a dangerous and heavily guarded
road-way in order to reach a distant school at Beth El. This happens simply
because their parents identify with the late Rav Kook rather than the Rav
Shach. In other words because parents are not Charidi but National Religious
in orientation there are children who are exposed to considerably more and
I would say unwarranted danger. As an outsider to the orthodox community I
can only wonder at such a strange perversion of values and hope that this
letter may bring about second thoughts.

Florence Amit