Jeremy D Stern (
Thu, 03 Jul 1997 20:29:33 EDT asked:
<< i wanted to know various reasons why people choose to be religious. i
know that it's commanded, but bottom line it is your choice. i know there
are issues of yirah (fear) and ahava (love) and i wanted to kind of take
some sort of census of the overwhelming reason. thanks. please e mail me
directly at >>

For me, as the questioner mentioned, there are the aspects of yirat
shamayim, fear of Heaven, and ahava, love. Also, it is the truth of our
holy Torah that has proved to me that religious Judaism is the correct path
for man to take. As the phrase goes, "Toras Hashem Temima." The Torah of
Gcd is truthful/perfect/righteous etc. The fact that Hashem has bestowed
upon us so many blessings, that I feel obligated to repay Him, and also for
those holy blessings to continue.