Thu, 3 Jul 1997 21:33:02 -0400 (EDT)

"Lili Pauli" <> wrote:
<<Being born non-religious, I became religious because I began believing in
G-D as the creator and still taking an active part in Creation.>>

What does it mean to believe? A belief is something that can be proven to
oneself and also proven to someone else. I would suggest that the word
that we use (emuna) to denote belief is really rooted in the word "omain",
as recorded in Megilas Ester. It states there and I quote "Vayhi omain es
hadassa" which translates to mean that Mordechai was the custodian of Ester
.From here we can conclude that "omain" means custodian. The question now
arises - Custodian of what? Maybe -custodian of our "mesora" (tradition) -
'mesora' meaning "handed over". What was handed over ? I'll tell you: Our
torah was handed over from the previous generation and further back all the
way to Moshe our teacher who received it from G-d himself as history tells
us that there were appr. 3 million people who witnessed this transaction.
Even non Jews don't refute this. Doesn't this make more sense than to say
one believes?