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>#1. Has the temple been rebuilt and is there any indication that there may
>be sacrifices by the Rabbis that will take place in the near future.

Unfortunately, the Temple Mount is still occupied by a Muslim mosque - our
Temple is most definitely not rebuilt.

While every religious Jew prays daily for the coming of the Moshiach
(Messiah), he has not yet arrived. Until he does and leads us in rebuilding
the Temple sacrifices are not going to occur.

>#2. What are some of the O.T. prophecies about the Messiah?
>When will He come and where will He be born?

There are many, many prophecies in the Torah about the Moshiach. It is
difficult to even enumerate all of them.

In Deuteronomy 30 Moshe (Moses) tells the Jews: "It will be that when all
these things come upon you, the blessing and the curse that I have
presented to you, then you will reflect upon it among all the nations where
HaShem your God has scattered you. And you will return to HaShem your God
and you will obey His voice according to everything I have commanded you
today, you and your children with all your heart and with all your soul.
And HaShem your God will bring back your remnants and have mercy on you,
and He will gather you in from all the peoples to which HaShem your God has
scattered you. If your dispersed will be at the ends of the heavens from
there HaShem your God will gather you and from there He will take you. And
HaShem your God will bring you to the land your fathers inhabited and you
shall inhabit it, and He will be good to you and you will increase even
more than your fathers. HaShem your God will circumcise your heart and the
heart of your offspring to love HaShem your God with all your heart and
with all your soul that you may live. HaShem your God will place these
curses upon your enemies and upon your haters who pursued you. And you will
return and listen to the voice of HaShem and you will do all His
commandments which I have commanded you today. HaShem will make you
abundant in all the work of your hands, in the fruit of your womb, the
fruit of your animals, and the fruit of your ground, for the good; for
HaShem will again rejoice in you for good as He rejoiced in your
forefathers. [This will occur] when you listen to the voice of HaShem your
God to guard His commandments and His decrees that are written in this book
of the Torah, when you shall return to HaShem your God with all your heart
and all your soul."

Some other prophecies are Isaiah 1:24-2:22, 4:2-6, 10:20-12:6, 42:1-4,
61:1-9 Jeremiah 31 (the entire chapter), Ezekiel 36:22-38, Malachi 3:19-24.
There are more.

Obviously, the Moshiach will come when God sends him. There is not, to my
knowledge, any specific place where he has to be born.

>#3. What is the Messiah going to do for His chosen people and again
>what are some of the O.T. prophecies regarding this.

The prophecies mentioned above pretty much cover this. One *very* important
point to recognize, the Messiah does not choose his nation, the chosen
nation is chosen by God. The Messiah is, like every Jew is supposed to be,
a servant of God and does what God commands him to do. Unlike Christianity,
Judaism does not ascribe any aspect of Godhood whatsoever to the Messiah.
is, I assume, why you capitalize every pronoun which refers to the Messiah
whereas I do not.)

It should be noted that many of the prophecies are metaphorical and their
true meaning is difficult to ascertain, the only things we *know* that
Moshiach will do are:
1. Return all Jews to the service of God in all it's details.
2. Rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
3. Gather in the dispersed Jews to the land of Israel.
4. Bring the entire world to serve God in unity.

While many of the prophecies seem to imply that additional events will take
place as well, the nature of these possible events will remain unknown till
the actual coming of Moshiach.

Eliezer C. Abrahamson
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