Nechama Cox (nechama@borealis.com)
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 17:06:07 +0100

Elozor Preil wrote --
> I feel that Rachamim may be leaving the reader with the impression that
>the Torah only sanctions divorce in very dire circumstances. While it is
>true that Judaism does not encourage divorce, the truth is that according
>to the gemara a man has the right to divorce his wife even for frivolous
>reasons (following the ruling of Beis Hillel in the last mishna in Gittin).

My understanding of the laws which allow divorces for seemingly "frivolous
reasons" was that there are times when a couple is unable to live together
just because their personalities clash. Even without a "serious" problem,
some people were just not meant to live together, and these reasons give an
excuse for the divorce.