Re: Education and Pikuach Nefesh(saving lives)

Lili Pauli (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 17:29:52 +0300> wrote:
<< I sure that the concern of Orthodox Jews everywhere is to raise a new
generation of good and observant youth with as little diversion as
possible. Yet how surprised I was to discover that school age orthodox
children living at a reasonable distance from the Modim Settlements
including Kiriat Safer do not attend schools in that relatively secure area
and instead are obliged to traverse a dangerous and heavily guarded
road-way in order to reach a distant school at Beth El. This happens simply
because their parents identify with the late Rav Kook rather than the Rav
Shach. In other words because parents are not Charidi but National
Religious >>

I couldn't agree more with Florence except there are certain facts that she
doesn't know.

I live on Chasmonayim just a few minutes away from Kiriat Sefer (see
Bais-medrash Vol1#17 about my question regarding an Eruv) Our Yeshuv is
mainly people who follow Rav Kook Z'L and we do take in pupils from the
Modin area. (In fact my section of the Yeshuv is know as Ramat Modiim)
However, The area where we live is governed by Moatzit Matei Benyamin.
Children in Talmor and Dolev are the ones bused through dangerous areas
because of the ruling of the ones in charge of Moatzit Matei Benyamin and
the parents don't have much of a say in it. (School Zoning Regulations)
Worst than that, my more heredi neighbors had to open up their own
independent school because the Moatzah did not allow bussing to Kiriat
Sefer. It is not a matter of endangering children because of a philosophy -
it is a matter of playing politics with children which occurs here.

With blessings,
Richard (Rachamim) Pauli