Re: Wrestling with an Angel

John Hurst (JHurst@REsourceData.COM)
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 21:19:36 +0700

Laura wrote:
<< Which patriarch wrestled with the angle (Gabriel?) in order to receive
his blessing? This came up in a class I am taking and I have been reading
Genesis over and over and don't see any reference to Issac, Jacob or Joseph
doing this? >> (David Rockove) reponded:
> It was Yaakov that wrestled with the angel(Genesis 32:24), but not in order
> to receive his blessing. He fought an angel and before Yaakov let the Angel
> return, he demanded a blessing.

I do not believe that the text necessarily says 'an Angel'. The Hebrew is
Malach (or however it should be translitterated), this is a messenger. It
is possible that it may have been an Angel and I realize that this is the
common interpretation but certainly not the only one.