Re: Cloning and Halacha

uri (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 21:36:37 -0400

Akiva wrote in TF 3:47-
>I can think of (at least) 3 ethical reasons for cloning:
>1) A couple where the man is infertile. The clone would use HIS genetic
>material. His wife would host the clone.
>2) a couple where they are both carriers of a genetic disease -- a clone
>would be a carrier (but would not have the disease).
>3) A person who needs a a bone-marrow transplant could clone himself.
>(There was a case a few years ago where a woman had her tubes untied in
>order to conceive a child who could act as a donor for their first child).

What was listed may be "nice" but that does not necessarily make it
ethical. In Judaism we define what is ethical solely through its fidelity
to the Torah. What we on our own might consider as ethical or "nice" is
irrevelant. All of the cases that were listed above may be "nice" but they
are only able to be defined as ethical if the Torah will permit them. If
you would like to show that these are ethical reasons to clone, you need to
show how they are halachicly permitted.