Re: Age of the Earth

Eliezer C Abrahamson (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:12:50 -0400

Lazar <> writes:
>I would like to know how modern Judaism deals with scientific claims
>about age of the Earth.

The way I view it, there is no need to deal with these claims. Obviously we
don't believe HaShem created the world as if it had never existed, many
things were created well along in their development. Adam himself was an
adult at creation. There is no reason to assume that this would not be
applied consistently to the entirety of creation. This would mean that the
various theories about the age of the earth may well be correct from a
scientific point of view, just as Adam was an adult from a medical point of
view. The whole thing is simply a nonissue.

Eliezer C. Abrahamson
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